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New Grade Boundaries for GCSEs. Historically, schools have regarded a grade C as a respectable pass. The new grade 4 seems to hover at the low end of the old C grade boundary, whilst a grade 5 is a C/B equivalent. Universities and colleges have been asked to regard the 4 as a C, but you will find employers, particularly now we are in a more international market, will be looking for passes with grade 5 and above. Watch the AQA video for more details.

Nrich This website has been developed by the University of Cambridge and has activities that will enrich students, whether at primary or secondary school. The student page has clear instructions on how to access the various activities. Go explore.

Math Learning Centre Fantastic interactive features for teachers and learners to go deeper with conceptual learning. The number line and ten frame apps are versatile and easy to manipulate. Ten free apps all on one page.

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Past SATs papers  These include marking schemes.

BBC Bitesize Revision   Includes interactive videos/games that reinforce skills and understanding as well as multiple choice quizes.

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Maths Dictionary for kids  More than just a dictionary. It has many interactive learning features. Have a look.

Hit the button  A great place to practise your mental maths skills, including times tables. Why not challenge a friend or family member.

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National Numeracy Challenge   Parents often ask for resources that support them with their maths so they in turn can help their children. The National Numeracy Challenge is a really good starting place for such support and its free.


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